Simplistic into complex

It all started innocently enough: my father has been begging me to make him a CD. But, my CD burner wanted to burn LPs, so he had to wait. Now I have a CD burner that actually works, and... I have nine CDs I'm sending him! Well, three are his, the other six go to various family members. And now I find myself piecing together two more, one for a friend here, one more for a friend across the country. Wanna know how many CD playlists I've made for myself since getting my new burner? Exactly one. One out of 12. I never get much chance to listen to music in the car, plus the radio stations here are actually worth a damn, so I actually get more ideas for music to buy to put onto mix CDs.

But alas, it is getting way late, and I need to hit the bed soon.

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