The gray encrocheth

I was looking in my bathroom mirror just now and was shocked at the old person staring back at me, only to realize it was me!  My dark brown hair is slowly turning gray, although it should be noted that it has accelerated since my wife had our second child.  It seemed like every once in awhile I'd encounter a gray hair and it'd get buried underneath the brown, but tonight I saw gray spots!  I'm only 32; I should NOT start looking old!

But even with ever-increasing amounts of gray hair, and even with a full beard, and even with a well-aged face, I still get carded sometimes in stores.  While I should be flattered, it should also be pointed out that somebody younger than 21 (or 18) must have looked older than early 30s, hence my getting carded.  I looked in the mirror and saw a 40-year-old!  Could be because its been a long three days at work.

Anyhow, late-night rant over and done with.  I am gonna try to blog more, but I've said that for the last few years.

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