Tango is down, Tango is down

Unlike most people in the country, I for one was shocked that bin Laden had been killed.  It was, to me, the equivalent of me going out and killing the boogeyman in my daughter's closet; basically improbable and very unlikely to actually occur.  I actually thought it was a joke somebody was starting to tell when I heard it at work, and then it was real and... I didn't scream for joy.  I would've in December 2001, but I didn't in May 2011.

What changed?  Truthfully nothing.  I'm glad Osama is rotting in Hell, and have even said Satan probably built a level of Hell specifically for him, and that it is right beneath Hitler.  But there wasn't this whole sense of euphoria that the rest of the country felt.  Ditto with one of my co-workers who hadn't heard.  Its like, "We got him.  We knew we would."  I can't understand why on Earth people celebrated like it was the area sports team winning a championship.  We killed one man.  The war doesn't end yet though; we've still got some work to do.  Save the cheering for when we get every one of our brave soldiers back home.  The people who have every right to celebrate, though, are the families of the victims of 9/11, the USS Cole bombing, the embassay bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and the families of the brave men and women who serve in our military, since this monster's actions affected their lives personally.

A few things, however, have made me mad in the aftermath.  First off, some in the mainstream news media seem to be screaming to see a picture of the body.  Why?  Can we not take our President and out military at their word that we killed bin Laden?  If I'd wanted to see a picture of a corpse, I'd have taken a picture of my father as he lay in his casket in June 2010.

Also, some have brought politics into play.  Guys, save it.  The work to find bin Laden started in the Bush administration; it only ended in the Obama administration.

Sorry if this was rambling; I'm better at writing fiction than blogging. LOL

(The preceding was written by somebody who voted for both Bush and Obama in the last three elections, is registered independent, and gets his news from Fark.com)

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