Poem for an old friend

(WARNING:  My poetry can be as bad, if not worse, than a Vogon poem.  You have been warned!  But, I heard something about an old friend recently, and I need to write this out.)

Reach Out

I heard the news, and was beside myself
You have gone so far off the path
Is there any chance you can be redeemed
Or are you destined to remain doomed?

All those years ago, you were so kind
Your future was so bright
You could see it in front of you
Everybody else did too

Then we went our seperate ways
You were still closeby, I saw you one day
You still looked so happy, so full of life
Things for you were starting to go right

I moved somewhere afar
And didn't know where you were
But in this age of communication, through the miles
I once again saw your smile

I didn't know the day we found each other again
That you were close to going down the drain
Had I known what was going to happen
I'd have reached out to save you from destuction

I found out the news so much later
I couldn't understand your hatred
Maybe you were too much under somebody's spell
Or didn't know he was going to kill

I think back all those years ago
They tried to tell me to go with you
But God always has these things planned out
In His eyes the future is never in doubt

I hope you can find yourself again
And stop the struggle within
I can see clearly the good person you once were
In constant battle with the evil trying to consume your heart

I think back to those days
Our futures unwritten, the miles we'd have to go away
I only wish I could've somehow been in your life
To steer you away from all your strife

I wish you luck in getting through this
But this is one very huge mess
And I pray that if you get through this with your life
That you seek out eternal salvation in Christ

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