I just don't get it

(This is definitely one of those 'rambling' posts so bear with me on this.)

Here I was, sitting here finally over the fact that some guy that calls himself 'The Situation' makes six million dollars a year for... well, I don't know why, and then this story pops up:

'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Reportedly Makes $280,000

Um, question to those willfully throwing wads of money around:  send some my way!  It'd be put to good use, I swear!  Like buying our family a house, sending our daughter and all future kids to college, etc.  What do I have to do?  Well, I'll rule out being stupid or rude or both, because its not in my nature.  I'll rule out tanning myself for 24 hours solid, because I burn easily.  I will, however, be floating around on the Internet, occasionally posting long-ish outbursts like this one since I can sometimes be opinionated, but most of the time I'll just stick to my Facebook and occasionally Twitter posting short comments, and linking to various videos and things that interest me and only deserve a few words, not the rant I just posted while half asleep.  And if somebody comes across it and goes, "Well, this guy is speaking for a certain section of the population; let's pay him for his opinion!," then I won't mind.

Also, idea for those making reality shows:  its called reality for a reason.  You don't go throwing a large truck full of cash at one of the people you're watching with your magnifying glass; they're likely going to behave much differently than you intended.  (See:  Jon and Kate Plus 8)  Unless its a game show, where the object actually IS to win a competetion or series of competetions to get a monetary reward at the end of the season, don't put anybody into a much higher tax bracket than they should be.  Give them money for their time, yes, but not several orders of magnitude higher than families with one or two parents, working hard, actual jobs to provide for their children.  Because, what happens when you stop following them?  And what happens when they blow through the mountains of cash you gave them, and they have to get an actual job?  I seriously doubt that 'Reality Show Subject' on a resumé will get them pretty far.

Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe this girl found a way to make $280,000 on her own.  Maybe that Situation character worked hard to make six million dollars a year.  I frankly don't watch reality TV, nor would I want to be on a reality show.  Plus, everytime I actually do see my name in the paper, I literally say out loud, "I hereby yield my Warhol-mandated fifteen minutes of fame to somebody who wants it more than I do."   (And for those too young to know what I mean, Google it.)

But as for me, I'll just live my life, work hard, and see what happens.

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