Happenings Ten Years Time Ago... and Later

Only three more months until Shyanna Marie Hodges makes her debut in this world. It has me thinking: what will be cool when she reaches the age of ten? If she listenes to her daddy's music, it'll be ancient! When I was born, Led Zeppelin was still a touring force of nature. When she is born, Led Zeppelin will have only played one full-length concert in the last 29 years, and by the time she reaches ten, will have formed FIFTY-TWO years before! (Don't get me started on how old her paternal grandparents' childhood rock will be.) Even Creed will be a band that formed 26 years before once 2020 rolls around, and Shinedown - the best band out of my hometown since Skynyrd itself - will be a 19-year-old band if they're still around in ten years. They will be her classic rock bands, and my classic rock will be considered something else entirely. But, her mommy is a country fan, and her daddy is slowly becoming one. I can see why my father's last favorite rock band was the Eagles, with his favorite period being before Hotel California, and he started listening to country. It drove him nuts when me and my brother wanted to listen to Michael Jackson (who may have been the King of Pop, but he rocked as hard as anybody else!). What will Shyanna drive me nuts with when she's 10?

One thing is for sure: she won't get a ray gun and a Reagan confused! And she'll have cooler toys than I did as a kid. When I was a kid, I had to use my imagination that the little computer I had could do stuff; Shyanna will have toys that have more processing power than my first computer, a Tandy Color Computer 3. My first real superpowered learning toy had little flipbooks that didn't work half the time; hers will likely have more RAM and a USB port for a flash drive capable of more storage than my first hard drive-based computer, which had a really fast 16 MB of RAM and whopping 503 MB of space!

Television is another thing. When I was a kid, we literally DID have three channels, sometimes four. I loved watching Mr. Rogers when we could pull in PBS. Then we got cable and got 22 channels, so we'd get up, turn the TV knob to channel 3, flip the cable box on and push the button to channel 16 for Nickelodeon. Now, we can DVR shows from NickJr for her to watch after Sesame Street (which I will cut off once Elmo comes on - why he became the big thing on there is beyond me; kids in my generation didn't like Elmo) and maybe the occasional airing of Mr. Rogers, all with the push of a couple of buttons on the remote. The DVR will also come in handy whenever there's something we don't want Shyanna to see, like wrestling.

I know this has been kinda rambling, but its only three more months. Watching Danielle's belly grow more and more makes it feel that much closer. I can't wait to meet Shyanna. Maybe I won't worry so much about the future and how it'll be. But one thing that will likely be the same when she reaches the age of 30: no flying cars.

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