S--- already?

It is the dreaded four letter word that actually can be said on TV. People feel dirty saying it though, and it makes a mess of everything in the end. What is it? Snow. And its already falling here. Global warming my left foot! Its not supposed to snow in October, let alone the middle part of October!

But then again, I have been up here for three years so I should expect it. Mind you I lived down South for a good chunk of my life, and wanted to see snow more often than once every 5-10 years. So, I moved. That first winter, I loved it! So what if I had to shovel my car out from being plowed in, it was snow! So what if a Ford Mustang couldn't handle it, I loved it!

Then came the second winter. By this time I was married, and where we live isn't ideal for our car in the winter. Its up a series of hills, down another series of hills, then one uphill climb that is easy in summer but feels like climbing Mt. Everest itself in winter! And that winter seemed never-ending! It started on my birthday, which was nice... never had snow on my birthday before. But then once April came along, I was sure it'd snow clean into July.

Now its another winter starting already. This time my wife and I are expecting our first child. Hopefully it won't be that bad, but it might be worse since we have to take a detour that goes up a hill that really IS like Mt. Everest. We may just stay around town all winter unless weather... and work... cooperate enough to permit travel elsewhere.

So yeah, my opinion on winter has changed. And a couple of my friends are moving out to a snowy area, and seem excited. I'll ask them in a few months if they still like snow.

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