Sorry, I don't buy the hype

According to pretty much every sports program or website out there, LeBron James is the Second Coming of Michael Jordan, Larry Brid, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, and maybe even Christ himself. The things he does on a court are jaw-dropping, what he's done for Cleveland are good... and hey, he made that one unbelievable shot on 60 Minutes that I am too lazy to look up. I am sure he is a great player... but he is NOT the greatest player in any sport ever.

I now have to endure all off-season hearing about LeBron not guiding Cleveland to its first championship of any kind since my parents were kids. Even last night, the Eastern Conference Finals were barely over and ESPN was already plotting how LeBron could win a championship NEXT FREAKING SEASON! Never mind that the Lakers and Magic have to play a championship series now, ESPN was already looing to next year for LeBron.

By the way, what about his teammates? The only player I know of on that team is LeBron James. He has to have help, the same as Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming, and every other player on every NBA roster! ESPN doesn't deem them important enough to mention.

My thoughts are LeBron should've gone to college. The difference between he and Kobe is that Kobe got drafted to a team where he was expected to learn before he led. LeBron was drafted with the expectation of leading right off the bat. But he pretty much killed that when he got a freaking Hummer before he even graduated high school, costing his school wins. FSU would've been a good place for him to go, since they like to field teams with players of questionable eligibility. I don't care how talented he is, college would've given him a chance to learn how to play with teammates instead of shouldering the load by himself, would've given him a chance to learn leadership qualities, and he may have been the greatest college basketball player in history. Then he could've been drafted and Cleveland would've been prepping to play in the NBA Finals in a truly epic series, not prepping their parties to watch the NBA Finals.

But I saw this with Peyton Manning until he won a Super Bowl. I'll just avoid ESPN until LeBron finally wins won. There is one word though: patience. Patience. He will win one - he has a lot of playing left to do.

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