Dear Lord (a rabid college football fan's prayer)

1. Texas (39) 6-0 1599 5
2. Alabama (26) 6-0 1582 2
3. Penn State 7-0 1492 6
4. Oklahoma 5-1 1306 1
5. Florida 5-1 1284 11

Thank you for letting Penn State be #3, and hope they continue towards the #1 ranking and a shot at the national championship. But please, don't let there be a Penn State-Florida matchup for said championship. Let me make clear that I want JoePa to win a championship, and will cheer for Penn State no matter who they face. I just don't want to have to cheer AGAINST the Almighty Gators, since my family, possibly right on up to my grandmother, will drive 997 miles from NE Florida to whoop me. Yes I was of the belief that the University of Florida was the best school in the entire universe, but that was when I thought only teams in the SEC mattered. Then I moved about an hour away from Happy Valley. Penn State is better. Understand my heart will always be with the Gators, especially during their annual slaughters of Bulldogs and Bowden. But should the Nittany Lions and Gators meet up for a championship, for once in my life I will have to root against my home team. So please, let the Lions face somebody other than Florida for the championship.


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