Ooh, a major presidential election

I know, I know, haven't blogged in forever. Blame moving, working, family emergencies, etc. And also blame getting distracted when I start blogging, like just now when I spent about 35 min. trying to get playlists made in iTunes... basically I wanted to make CDs out of the songs that haven't been played since I moved from Georgia (the state) to Pennsylvania (the commonwealth).

Where was I... oh yes, the election. I decided I'm going for Barack Obama. I came to this decision using a complex formula of weeding out major candidates not named Hillary on the Democratic side, and watching as the Republicans decided the best person to represent their party was a man who has had health problems. So yes, I decided around Super Tuesday.

(Before I go on, time for some Full Disclosure: yes, I did vote for Bush for two terms. I only voted for him because I couldn't write in Daffy Duck as President. OK, now back to the post.)

But you can't really decide on just that. So, I went to Obama's website, and that of John McCain. Obama laid out, in detail on his website how he was going to fix the economy, the environment, his military plans, etc. And THEN as if his website didn't offer enough detail, he had PDFs delving further into what he will do. So, I went to McCain's site. I searched his site, and discovered it really didn't have anything on the website itself; everything was detailed on PDFs. But the one thing he DID outline was how he was going to cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. While, true, that would help small businesses, that would also help the big businesses, especially oil companies who are making enough money right now to buy the Moon itself, and probably an asteroid or two. Advantage: Obama.

McCain also opened the door for even Daffy Duck to attack him when he said that he considers anybody making $5 million a year to be rich. Really? So John, if I made $4,999,999 I could be considered poor? My fiancé and I will be lucky to clear $25,000 combined this year. We don't even own a home, and McCain owns 10 of them. At least Obama made a conservative estimate of 7 homes McCain owns.

This ad here is definitely the 'nuclear' ad. When I say that, I mean it compares to Lyndon Johnson's ad back in 1964 showing a little girl picking flowers, and in the background, nuclear missiles go off. It won LBJ election to a term in his own right, and this ad should do it for Obama:

Kinda shows that McCain isn't all there. We'll get to that in a minute.

OK, now the VP picks were interesting. Obama picked Joe Biden. I used to live in Delaware when I was a kid, and I thought he WAS the President. Of course as I grew older I learned better. But this was the best possible pick Obama could have. Watching Biden's speech at the DNC, I could tell he was pretty much an ordinary average guy that was a Senator. Kinda reminds me of this guy who lived down the street from me in Millsboro, who was either a State Senator or a US Senator who would give the kids apples on Halloween, and was a pretty nice guy.

Now, let's get to McCain. But first let's talk about the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful place, full of everything. I absolutely consider the Internet to begin at Fark.com, since that is where I usually head to get my news. Anyhow, there was a meme on Fark when anybody posted a story related to Amy Winehouse, everybody would ask, "Who?" I do not feel like pouring through 3,000 posts, but I am pretty sure that came up several hundred times when McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate. I am also pretty sure Farkers also utilized the 'series of tubes' meme since Palin is from Alaska, home of Ted Stevens, who famously said the Internet seemed like, "a series of tubes." But, one day later, I am still trying to figure out who she is. She seems tough, and will fire, trim, and reorganize anyone and anything to complete her goals. She also fired somebody for not firing her ex-brother-in-law, so I see she already has one of Dick Cheney's traits. She also likes to moose hunt, so if she has an incident like Cheney and accidentally shoots someone while hunting, she'd kill 'em. McCain had pretty much anybody to pick from, and he went with the one person that takes away his attacks on Obama's experience. So yeah, he pretty much looks like a moron with this pick.

This is a very historic election we are in. No matter who wins, history will be made. Both were born outside the Continental United States, but at least Obama was born in a state and not a territory. If Obama wins, he'd be the first biracial candidate to win. (Yes folks, he's part-white since his mom was white... all you Republicans who keep saying he's Muslim, shut the Hell up right this very second!) If McCain wins, not only do we get the oldest first-term President in history, but also the first female VP. Also, the Internet is more in-play this time than in 2004, thanks to YouTube, MySpace, etc.

Of course age has also been brought up. Lest we not forget that 12 years ago, Bob Dole was nominated to run at the age of 70. Bob Dole was a better candidate, and actually stood a chance. Bob Dole to this day still has all his marbles intact. Bob Dole was a very likeable guy. John McCain seems like he's a puppet. He should've gotten the nod in 2000 to be honest. In 8 years he seems to have sold his soul to try to get one more chance. Barack Obama seems very honest, says what he will do and does it, and genuinely cares about the people he wants to govern.

So again, I'm voting for Barack Obama. Hopefully the rest of the country does the same.

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