OK... now I'm pissed

Here's the deal: last week, there was a fire in Brockway, PA, that killed ten people. A friend of mine was practically related to them; not by blood, but that's how close she was with them that she considered the children her nieces and nephews. It was an incredibly terrible tragedy, one that touched those around me, and brought me to tears.

On Monday I was at work. I'm glad I was. I heard people from the Westboro Baptist Church were in the area. Now, for those who have no earthly idea who these people are, they go around protesting at funerals, saying that the victims of such terrible tragedies DESERVED to die as punishment by God against the wicked ways of this country. How utterly ridiculous! I think one of these people goes on Hannity and Colmes and is the only person in this world able to piss off Hannity! But anyhow, word got to me and several of my co-workers, and I came very close to clocking out and driving on what little gas I had in my tank to Brockway and do this country a favor and knock each and every single one of those assholes in the mouth! This was a terrible tragedy that affected not only the family, not only the borough of Brockway, but this entire region. We are all getting over our grief and moving on. And yet, there are fucktards in this world who want to use this tragedy to make a political statement. Yes, I know they have a right to say what they want thanks to the First Amendment, but in this case I'd volunteer them to be the first people in this country's history stripped of their privilege, as they prove utterly inept to practice it properly.

As for me, I'm writing them a letter. I am using a throwaway addy in order to get my point across.

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