OK, got that out of my system

Yes, I typed them an e-mail. This is what I told those morons:

I have been hearing reports from good friends that your group planned a protest at a funeral in Brockway, PA, on Monday. Having said that, expect me to unleash an intelligently controlled fury the likes of which you have never seen before.

You fucktards! How dare you even consider protesting at any funeral, let alone one that killed so many INCLUDING children as young as four months old? A funeral is a time for a family and community to grieve, not for you asshats to make a political statament! How would any member of your church feel if, God forbid, they were faced with burying nine members of their family and a friend all at once, and having somebody like yourselves protest at the funeral? Of course this point will go completely over your heads, so I will type it with caps lock: HOW WOULD ANY MEMBER OF YOUR CHURCH FEEL IF, GOD FORBID, THEY WERE FACED WITH BURYINH NINE MEMBERS OF THEIR FAMILY AND A FRIEND ALL AT ONCE, AND HAVING SOMEBODY LIKE YOURSELVES PROTEST AT THE FUNERAL? Hopefully my point just got made.

Hang on, I'm not finished! I know right now you are going to type up something as this is God's punishment for the wickedness of America, particularly homosexuality. Newsflash dickheads: homosexuals can also be God-fearing people. I know of a few. Jesus teaches that you are to love your neighbor, correct? Well, I love all my neighbors, no matter what they believe. I myself am heterosexual FYI. I have friends who are homosexual, but I treat them no different than my heterosexual friends. They are humans created by God, as we are all created in His Divine Image, correct?

Also, for the record your group is pretty much the laughingstock of the world. People at least have some respect for politicians and terrorists when they make fun of them on TV. So here's a great idea: start re-reading your Bibles, in particular the parts where Jesus says to "Love Thy Neighbor" and the part where it is said that we are all "created in God's own image" and then contact me when you have some sense of sanity. And yes, I do agree there are parts in there that call homosexuality a sin, but I only go by the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ on that, and NOWHERE did I see any mention of that. Oh sure there's a part about adultery, but homosexuality isn't adultery. (And for the record, I consider myself Baptist and am converting to Catholicism. Chew on THAT one dipshits.)

Now, I must go and do more important things than waste 10 minutes typing up an e-mail to a bunch of buffoons who simply won't get any point that I made in this e-mail.

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