Searching... again

There are those one meets, whether it be in their normal everyday life or online, that you lose contact with. I've done this a few times over the years. First it was whenever I moved to a new place I'd lose track of people I talked to. But being online allows me to stay in contact with a few people. And then there are those I've lost contact with that I actually met online. And froom time-to-time I try to find out whatever happened to them. Some I haven't talked to in several years, others I will talk to sporadically. I'd like it to be more than sporadic, but people are busy, like myself, and don't have time to catch up on things that have happened in the past weeks, months, years, etc. The ones I haven't talked to in years... let's put it this way, some of them might react weird, others it might be best to avoid. LOL I'll also say there are those who are probably looking for me. Again, some I'd like to hear from, others I wouldn't.

Some things are best left in the past. But it's the curiosity that drives us to wonder, "Whatever happened to...?"

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