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So after Sunday, I've been utilizing the asterisk when discussing Jimmie Johnson. When the man wins in 100% legal cars, I will say he is deserving of his wins and championships. I know it's not his fault that his crew chief likes to bend the rules, but he knows it is going on, and doesn't do one thing to stop it. NASCAR is foolish for not banning driver along with crew chief. Also, Johnson has simultaneously caused fans to not only cheer Jeff Gordon, but whine that he got robbed of his fifth championship. Congratulations Jimmie, you have done the impossible! You have become the most hated driver in all of Sprint Cup, made Jeff Gordon the 2nd most popular driver, won* 10 races, and won* your second championship. Not even Barry Bonds could piss off that many people this year when he hit 756*. Now go out there, get rid of your crew chief, race in absolutely 100% legal cars, and let's see how well you do.

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