Good riddance DES!

So what the hell is THAT all about? For those who don't know, it is the abbreviations to a website called Dead End Society that myself and a friend of mine used to go to. I must say I tried to enjoy it, but the site admin there was THE definition of the word 'asshole'. He would drone on and on about how he hated MySpace, and thought his site was the best page in the universe. Um, sorry, but a man named Maddox owns that title. He had premium memberships with the express purpose of making money off of all his members for his own benefit. The dude didn't have a job other than his photography, and even then from what I know it was more of a hobby that he sometimes got paid for. He would drone on and on about how members come and go, and there wasn't enough activity. Um, there was idiot! You ran everybody off with your ego! Both me and my friend left it about two years ago, because we got tired of it. The guy seemed to think everybody was a damn robot that must conform to his way of thinking. Yet, as he would tell you, he wanted everybody to speak their own minds. Yeah, right! A few of us did, and he would go about deleting posts, locking threads, etc., which would only piss us off even more. He had models on his site... or, as I put it, personal masturbation material. And off-site... don't get me started. I know he pretty much milked money out of anybody he came into contact with, and would even call people at home to harass them for not going to his site. He tried to get friends who'd known each other for years, or met on the site, turned against each other. It was all a massive ego-trip for somebody who had no life, no job, and an ego the size of Mt. Ranier.

Tonight I got word that he shut his site down. It seems that some people wanted to reach an olive branch out to those of us who had left, but he and his 'mind-numbed robot' as I'll call this person were against this. Glad to say that I am now back in with the old group, since they figured that the best way to get the old members back was to jettison the captain and start fresh. I look to have fun! Everybody there is great to chat with, and I'm glad to be re-connecting with them. No pressure, no drama centered around one person's massive ego, just absolute fun! The site admin said his site failed because of Web 2.0 sites like MySpace. Um, no moron, it failed because YOU are an asshole!

If he reads this, I DARE him to comment. And let the open forum of the Internet judge for themselves. Be thankful I don't post this to YouTube. I would go off even further, but only make myself look like a stupid twit in the process. It's not worth lowering my intelligence below yours.

Oh, and let me just add this one last tidbit: there once was a site named Sharing the Groove that sold T-shirts to raise money for the site. A large number of people never got their shirts, and the site was shut down and no money was refunded. People were furious that they handed over their hard-earned money to a guy who took it and ran. I equate that to what the site owner at DES basically did. Pisses me off even more!

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