So what's with the 'ScribeFire' thingy?

Some of my posts have carried the tag 'Powered by ScribeFire' on them. This is thanks to the awesome extension for Firefox known as ScribeFire. As the BlogThis! extension hasn't worked since the early days of Firefox, and I really like blogging stuff I come across, I like using an extension that offers me quick and easy blogging. Plus I can always open it up to write a new post, like I'm doing right now. Its very convenient, and a nice alternative to going to the Blogger website to post. However if I have pictures, I'm still going to Blogger, since I'm not sure how ScribeFire handles pics. Additionally, it does have Technorati tags built in should I decide to add any of those. But, I think that my posts have enough stuff in them, so I may leave them out.

Powered by ScribeFire.

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