Re-align the AFC!

Not sure about the rest of you, but aren't you tired on the Patriots and Colts going undefeated halfway into a season? I know I am! My solution is simple: swap the Colts and Dolphins around. This has several benefits:
  1. Either the Colts or Patriots will have at least one loss at the halfway mark
  2. The Dolphins may start winning games since they'd be able to compete better with the AFC South teams
  3. The AFC South would be wide-open between all four teams, not just one team winning it every single freaking year
  4. Ratings would go through the roof having two Colts-Patriots matchups
  5. Homefield advantage wouldn't have to go to Indy or New England every single year
  6. The entire AFC as a whole would be much more competitive
So, there you have it in a nutshell. I encourage anybody who reads this to start a mass-writing campaign to the NFL to encourage this to happen! Leave me comments when you do, as I have four e-mail addresses at my disposal, and will gladly use all four to e-mail the NFL petitioning them to make this happen.

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