The Rain Song

OK, so maybe ol' Sonny is right, that there is a bigger drought problem in North GA than the rest of the state. But dude, the entire freakin' state is dry! I just got done comparing around 11 cities in GA, and here's what I found:

Three cities - Albany, Macon, and Savannah - have crossed 40 inches since a year ago.
Two cities - Dalton and Valdosta - haven't even hit 30 inches since a year ago

Additionally, Macon went the entire month of May with no rain whatsoever. I didn't break it down by month, as I rushed through it as fast as I could, but at points North GA was getting more rain than any part of the state from what I saw.

All data compiled courtesy of Weather Underground:

City Since 1/1/07 Since 10/21/06
Albany 30.61 40.00
Alma 33.94 39.03
Athens 23.03 32.19
Atlanta 24.75 33.97
Augusta 29.37 38.33
Columbus 29.91 39.81
Dalton 14.97 21.25
Macon 31.25 41.95
Rome 23.29 31.92
Savannah 38.89 44.04
Valdosta 21.58 28.08

So from what I can tell, places closer to the Atlantic Ocean are wetter, and places in North GA really are drier. Valdosta is basically an anomaly, and part of me thinks that Dalton's totals aren't accurate. Now bear in mind that these totals are all at least 10 inches below normal for this time of year.

And last thing I saw was somebody from GA saying it was stupid for them to protect mussels. I was just talking to a friend of mine, and he pointed out that every state does its part in channeling water somewhere to protect some wetland in another state. So yeah, Georgians are a selfish lot. Plus I find it funny that this drought has been ongoing, and each part of the state seems to take turns as to which part is drier at certain times, and its only because Sonny won't be able to bathe soon that he decides that NOW is the perfect time to call a state of emergency.

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