Friggin' sweet!

So I was boiling water to cook either noodles or hot dogs - I hadn't decided - and as the water was heating up I thought about how I really need a microwave. Sure I could get one, but as it's raining I didn't want to lug that thing through the rain, across the street, and then up a flight of stairs.

Enter my neighbor Kris. I was sitting here and heard a knock at my door. This surprised me as in the month that I've been here I have seen Kris a few times, Eric once or twice as I'm going somewhere and he's getting in, and one of the females in this building that I'll assume is Janna. Everybody pretty much keeps to themselves, but I digress. Anyhow, Kris is getting a new microwave, and asked if I wanted to buy his old one. You bet! I had to move the stand the clock was on into the kitchen so I had a place to put it, but it works out. Hey, talk about timing!

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